1. What is “Japanese fetish porn”?
    1. There are many different categories of porn, ie: hard core, soft core, gay. “Fetish” refers to a sexual attraction to someone or something. Some thing that a person gets aroused from. The videos on are website are all of Asian women
  2. What do some of the categories of Asian porn refer to?
    1. Sharking-To pull a women’s panties down in public, usually as she is wearing a short skirt
    2. Bagging-To pull a women’s dress up over her head and tie it off, leaving her underwear exposed while she tries to get free
    3. Upskirt-The practice of looking, taking photos or filming up women’s without their knowledge
    4. Debagging-or Pantsing, is the practice of pulling a person’s pants and/or underwear down in public
    5. Downpants-Refers to when a women’s underwear is sticking up past the top of her pants/skirt so that everyone can see them
    6. Cosplay-Refers to the practice of Asian women dressing up in sexy costumes of super heroes or fictional characters
  3. Is there a minimum number of videos we have to order?
    1. Digital Download-no minimum purchase
    2. Flash Drive-9 video purchase
    3. DVD-4 video purchase
  4. How do you download the “digital downloads” after purchase?
    1. After payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with links to the Mega.co website where you can download your video
  5. Do you ship your flash drives or DVD’s outside of the United States?
    1. Because it is so costly to ship these items out of the United States you must first request a quote and pay for shipping before I will ship outside of USA
  6. How much is shipping inside the United States?
    1. FREE with minimum purchase as stated above
  7. I purchased a video and Windows Media player said a codec is needed to play. How can I watch the video?
    1. Use the video application: VLC Media player to watch all the videos from my website. It is free to download and use.
    2. The link to download this program is: VLC Media Player
  8. If I have a problem with anything on your website, how should I contact you?
    1. Either fill in the contact form on the homepage; or
    2. Email me directly at this email address: ripping.skirts.com@gmail.com
  9. After I made a purchase of digital downloads, the links in the email do not open or when downloaded have a 0 kb size file. What do I do?
    1. If this happens, just send me an email and I will send you the correct links to your videos
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